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Anytime you are not at school, if you need emergency mental health support, tell a trusted adult near you and call 911, your local hospital emergency department, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at:  1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text "HOME" to 741741
Ms. Ana Herrera is the school counselor for students whose last names start A-L. 
Mrs. Citali Escamilla is the school counselor for students whose last names start M-Z.
How does a student see a counselor?
Students can contact their school counselor by filling out this FORM that will be submitted to the counseling department. Once we receive it, we will contact the student in the order it was received;
by email;
or by asking their teacher for permission to see if we are available to meet with them.
How does a parent/guardian see a counselor?
Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the counselors by calling the high school at 830-374-2341 during their office hours or we can be contacted via email at:  & [email protected].
Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
10 AM to 11 AM  Escamilla (last names M-Z)
2 PM to 3 PM    A. Herrera (last names A- L)
Why would a student see a school counselor?
Academic counseling- Students sometimes have academic problems in the areas including study habits, expectations, time management, organizational skills, and the level of the curriculum. A counselor may assist students in exploring solutions to these and other academic problems.
Social/Emotional Counseling- A counselor may assist students to develop skills to interact more effectively with others, identify personal values, talents, and interests, and transition out of high school. The counselor will also provide support and assistance to students and families in crisis and can provide referrals to outside agencies for more extensive assistance including counseling, evaluations, or treatment. 
College and Career Exploration- A counselor can assist students in exploring different careers and plan for post-secondary options such as higher education, military, or workforce. 
This is a very different school year. If you have felt worried, stressed, or overwhelmed you are not alone. What you are feeling is normal. Click on the activities on the Self-Care Practice Board below to take a mental break and practice self-care. 

School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the school counseling program is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program that encourages the highest level of student achievement through their growth in academic, career and personal/social domains. In partnership with teachers, administrators, parents, and a caring community, the school counselor will help all students be prepared to lead fulfilling lives as productive members of society.