Crystal City High School Student Parking Rules

Student Parking Requirements

Student parking is a privilege. All vehicles on school property during the school day must display a current, valid parking permit. Javelina parking permits are issued on a first come, first served basis. Applications for student parking permits can be pick up at the police office located at the high school.

Parking Application

With the application, students must submit the following:

  1. Copy of valid driver’s license (As required by Texas Law for motor vehicles, a drivers license and liability in the student's name.)
  2. Copy of liability insurance
  3. $5.00 Fee

Crystal City High School Parking Rules

  1. Only 1 permit is issued per student.
  2. Where to Park: Student with current, valid parking permit may park in the Crystal City High School lot during the school hours.

*Parking in lots that are not school property is strictly prohibited. Students, who park in other lots without permission from property owner or receive parking citation thereof, will automatically receive a disciplinary referral and will lose all parking privileges or future parking privileges on campus.

  1. Who: Students may only drive vehicles that are registered to them. Siblings, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends may not drive a vehicle that is not registered to them.
  2. Loitering in the parking lots: Loitering in the school parking lots before, during and after school is strictly prohibited.
  3. Vehicle Searches: Any vehicle parked on school grounds is subject to search by C.C.I.S.D. Police, High School Principal or designee at any time.
  4. Vehicle Security & Accidents: Students should lock their vehicles. The school district is NOT responsible for lost or stolen contents in vehicles. If an accident occurs on school property, students should notify, a principal C.C.I.S.D. Police. School District will not mitigate claims between insurance companies. If a student hits a parked, unoccupied vehicle in any way, it is expected that he or she report the incident immediately to a principal and C.C.I.S.D. police. Failure to do so will result in a loss of parking privileges and disciplinary referral.
  5. Handicapped Zones: Students may NOT park in the Handicapped (BLUE) parking zones without a valid permit issued by the State.
  6. Visitor Parking Zones: Students may NOT park in the Posted Visitor Parking Zones at ANY TIME. These zones are designated visiting staff, vendors and all visitors to Crystal City High School.
  7. Transfer of Permits Between Students: Transfer of parking permits is strictly Prohibited. All parties involved will lose their parking privileges and will receive a disciplinary referral.
  8. Parking lot Conditions: Students are responsible for the conditions of the parking areas. All refuse should be deposited in the appropriate trash receptacles. Students observed littering will receive a disciplinary referral.
  9. Parking without a Current, Valid Permit: Students who park on school property without a current, valid permit may receive a disciplinary warning. Any subsequent violation may result in a disciplinary referral and/or citation.
  10. Traffic Laws and Rules: The Maximum speed limit is 15 mph on campus. Violation for excessive speed may result in a disciplinary referral and/or loss of parking privileges. Pedestrians and school district vehicles will have the right of way at all times on campus.
  11. Disciplinary Action & Parking: Students may lose parking privileges due to other disciplinary infractions.


  • The Crystal City Administration reserves the right to change or modify all or any parking rule at their discretion.


Jose Adrian Segura

Chief of Police

Crystal City I.S.D.