Ricardo Gallegos Cross Country Meet

Javelinas compete at Ricardo Gallegos Invitational
This past weekend our Javelinas Cross-country Team participated in the Ricardo Gallegos XC Invitational at home here in Crystal City.  Our Lady Javelinas face home with the championship plaque and our Javelinas finished in 2nd place!! Great job runners. Individual results are as followed. 

Lady Javelinas Varsity-Overall Team Champions
Meghan Huerta-2nd place
Nayeli Garcia- 3rd place
Relyla Rios- 6th place
Reyna Martinez-13th place
Kiara Roiz- 31st place
Nayeli Moncada-32nd Place
Gabriela Roiz- 33rd place

Javelina Varsity-Overall Team Runner-Up
Frank Arenas-5th place
Nathan Aguilar-7th place
Matthew Puente-8th place 
Norbie Garcia- 17th place
Jonas Tapia-19th Place
Jesse Jay Ruiz- 24th Place
Angel Ruiz-25th Place
Zack Faz-26th place
Eric Ruiz-36th
John Acosta-38th

JV Lady Javelinas
Alize Ruvalcaba-18th Place
Madison Acosta-29th place
Adysela Garcia-30th place
Chelsea Delgado-31st place
Elyanna Ramirez-32nd place
Sophia Guerrero-33rd place
Johscelynn Garcia

JV Javelinas
Xavier Fuentes-27th place
Juan Lopez-34th Place
Adrian Rivera-37th place
Coaches Perez and Moreno would also like to thank our managers, Rochelle Huerta, Tatiana Gamble, and Aliyah Peña for making sure everyone was where they needed to be and turning in all the paperwork for us while we running the meet.

Javelina Cross Country would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the local agencies who helped us make the 6th Annual Ricardo Gallegos XC Invitational a success. Thank you to Mrs. Santos Camarillo- City Manager, City of Crystal City Ms. Xiomara Acosta and her department, Kevin’s Restaurant, Athletic Director David Lopez, CCISD Athletic Department, Zavala County Sheriff Department,  Deputy Marco Perez, Centro de Milagros Pastor Camelo Gonzalez, CCISD Board of Trustees Mrs. Nora Flores-Guerrero and Mr. Eric Garcia, CCHS Cheerleaders and Sponsor Mrs. Michelle Cerna,  Mrs. Sarah Garcia Sterling H. Fly Junior High Principal, 
Mr. Jorge Cerna CCHS Principal, CCISD Custodial and Maintenance, Mr. Edward Churchill CCISD Superintendent of Schools, and our amazing group of  parents all of whom played a key part in the success of the meet. 

Amazing job Javelinas! Next week Javelina XC will be competing in the FEAST Patriot XC Invitational in Selma TX with races starting at 8:00am.